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 World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day
World Mental Health Day

The world is a very different place for everyone. The way we perceive, think, talk to ourselves, what sort of situation we are in, and what all sorts of situations we grew up in. All these things shape us, our personality, and most importantly our mental health. Two people could be in a very exact situation, but their way of reacting could be poles apart. One might get very sad and give up on the situation. Others might fight against it and come out to be a stronger version of themselves. All this depends on your childhood experiences, in which all the circumstances you grew up, the amount of confidence you have in yourself, your motivation and so many other factors are responsible. 


World Mental Health Day’s History


This day was first observed in 1992. The first-ever theme in 1994 was “Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services Around the World”. This day aims to raise public awareness of mental health and lessen the stigma associated with mental health conditions. Since then, each year there has been a theme to celebrate this day with the utmost dedication and zeal to spread awareness. There have been so many organizations that have worked hard to see the change that we are experiencing today.

Awareness of Mental Health Is Vital

The purpose of World Mental Health Day is to educate the public, increase awareness of mental health issues, and assist individuals in finding resources. There are several reasons why this is an important issue and needs to be addressed!

First, the stigma that our society has for mental illness needs to be worked upon. Each year, this day is celebrated to normalize talking about it, taking medications for it, and undergoing every possible treatment to feel better. Even though things are getting better, many people still feel embarrassed talking about their feelings or attending treatment. This kind of campaign can inspire everyone to take good care of their mental health. 

Secondly, people can be kept safe by informing others about the warning indicators of mental health problems. People can have important talks with others around them when they are aware of the warning signals of poor mental health. But, this can only happen, if people can feel free to talk about, it and are educated enough to understand others and their symptoms. Additionally, they can identify when they or someone they know requires professional assistance.

Thirdly, raising awareness of mental health concerns also makes those who experience them feel less isolated and more validated (only if they need validation). Most mental diseases are by their very nature isolating. Many feel less alone and stressed when the reality about their prevalent nature is revealed and they get to know that they are not alone in this. 

Lastly, promoting the idea that nations should allocate a larger portion of their money to mental health services is another significant component of this day. This is particularly critical in nations with low incomes. People in these nations have very limited access to medical care.

2023’s World Mental Health Day

 The World Mental Health Day 2023 theme is “Mental health is a universal human right“.

On World Mental Health Day 2023, individuals and groups will have the chance to come together under the banner of “Mental health is a universal human right” to gain advance understanding, increase public awareness, and motivate initiatives that uphold and safeguard everyone’s right to mental health.

Everyone has the fundamental human right to mental health. Everybody has the right to the best possible level of mental health, regardless of who they are or where they are. This encompasses the right to care that is readily available, acceptable, and of high quality; the right to liberty, independence, and community inclusion; and the right to be shielded from hazards to one’s mental health.

Our general health and well-being are largely dependent on our mental health. However, one in eight people worldwide suffer from mental health issues, which can hurt their livelihoods, social connections, physical health, and general well-being. Nowadays, due to an increase in fast-paced lives, academic pressure, career goals, and so much more, teenagers and young adults are also becoming more and more affected by mental health issues.  

A person’s mental health condition should never be a justification for violating their human rights or keeping them out of decisions regarding their care. However, there are still many different kinds of human rights violations against people with mental health disorders all over the world. Many face discrimination and exclusion from society, and many more are either unable to get the mental health care they require or are only able to get care that infringes on their human rights.

Did you know?  

  • The lifespan of an individual suffering from a mental disease is shortened.  
  • Individuals who identify as LGBT+ are more prone to commit suicide and self-harm.  
  • The Mental Health Act increases the likelihood of incarceration for Black persons by four times.

It is a happy situation that there is more discussion regarding mental health than there once was. However, people going through it are very tired of mental illness being a taboo and not getting normalized.

Effective Strategies & Preventive Advice for Raising Mental Health Awareness 

One who is suffering from any sort of mental illness must be outspoken and should always approach mental health issues with an open mind. Everyone must remain aware of the warning signs and symptoms associated with mental illnesses. Mood swings, antisocial behavior, chronic melancholy, and altered eating and sleeping habits are a few of the more notable symptoms that you should be educated about.

Show others compassion and kindness.

  • Never be reluctant to offer and encourage free mental health screenings. 
  • Engage in the awareness campaign and lend your support to the cause.
  • Acquire and apply a healthy lifestyle to enhance your family’s and your mental health.
  • Encourage and assist the person in question to seek a diagnosis and appropriate mental health programs on
    World Mental Health Day
    World Mental Health Day

    their symptoms.

What action can I take to help it?

There are many ways by which you can show your support. The most important thing is educating yourself. You can even participate in fundraising events to give back to the community. The easiest of the help you can offer is checking up on the people around you. Talk to them, ask how they feel, and how their day has been, keeping in mind their trigger points. Usually, October 10 is the date, when most people would want to give back to the community but you must do good to people every day. Make sure, you are kind to people even if you don’t know them.  

How to Honor the International Day of Mental Health?

You might be wondering how you can take part in World Mental Health Day this year now that you know more about it and its significance. There are several ways to become active and support universal access to better mental health services.

One option is to think about contributing to or working at a nearby crisis center.

A wonderful way to commemorate this day is to visit a friend or family member who has been experiencing difficulties. As you listen to them, offer to help with anything that might be hard for them—like bringing them dinner or cleaning.

Learning more about mental health issues is another way you can become involved. To find out more, you could read a book or watch a documentary. If you are personally affected by mental illness, you could use this as an opportunity to talk about it or just to dedicate more time to taking care of yourself.

What does World Mental Health Day aim to achieve?

Every year on October 10, the World Health Organization observes World Mental Health Day to raise awareness of mental health issues and the impact they have on people’s lives all over the world.

On this day, advocates and experts discuss how to increase access to mental health services and what more needs to be done to ensure that everyone who needs it gets high-quality mental health care. Encouraging people to use the day to consider their mental health, have conversations about what mental wellbeing entails, and push for improved mental health services is another objective of World Mental Health Day.

How to sustain Mental Wellness?

While not all mental illnesses can be avoided, with the correct support and care, some can be avoided or managed more effectively. People who make a small time and effort and invest in their mental health are more likely to be in good health along with their family, friends, and community.

Try these suggestions to preserve your mental well-being:

  • Begin Discussing Your Emotions- 

Discussing and talking about your emotions can assist the brain in sorting through emotions and thoughts so that they can be controlled gradually, preventing feelings of being overwhelmed, though there is a time and place for this. Select a reliable friend or make use of a counselor or mental health specialist who can listen well.

  • Remain Fit and Active-

Mental health has always been positively correlated with physical health. People who seem to exercise or follow any other workout regime daily could be participating in sports, fitness, and other physical activities that can enhance their self-worth, sleep hygiene, focus, and general well-being.

  • Maintain Contact-

People who are a part of the community are less likely to experience mental health problems and isolation. Maintaining open channels of communication with loved ones can promote stronger ties and offer defense against mental health issues. And if you struggle? You won’t feel alone because you’ll be surrounded by people who can help.


To diagnose yourself and look for any associated complications, you might have a medical evaluation. Your physician will attempt to rule out any physical issues that might be causing your symptoms.

Experiments in the lab- These could include, for instance, an evaluation of your thyroid function or a drug and alcohol screen.

A psychological assessment- A physician or mental health specialist discusses your symptoms, thoughts, feelings, and behavioral patterns with you. To assist in addressing these inquiries, you might be required to complete a questionnaire.

Identifying the type of mental illness you have.

Determining which mental illness may be the source of your symptoms can be challenging at times. However, investing the time and energy to obtain a precise diagnosis will aid in identifying the best course of action. The more knowledge you possess, the more equipped you will be to collaborate with your mental health specialist and comprehend the potential meanings of your symptoms.

The American Psychiatric Association publishes the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), which lists the specific symptoms associated with each mental illness. Insurance companies use this handbook to pay for treatment, and mental health practitioners use it to diagnose mental illnesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s now look into some of the few commonly asked questions-

When is World Mental Health Day celebrated?

On October 10th, each year, people celebrate this day.

World Mental Health Day: What exactly is it?

The purpose of World Mental Health Day is to raise awareness of the millions of people who experience mental health problems. Additionally, it encourages more equitable access to resources and necessary medical care.

What should I do if the assistance is ineffective?

Finding the things that will benefit you can be challenging because different things have varying effects on different people. It is critical to maintain optimism even in the face of setbacks and to remain receptive to a variety of strategies and sources of support.

Is it possible to prevent mental health issues?

All of us may experience mental health issues, but we can all avoid more serious problems by taking care of ourselves, building resilience, and getting help as soon as possible.